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Japan’s Shimizu wins contract for 1,840m section of second phase Jakarta MRT in Indonesia

09:33 | 17/09/2022

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation announced on September 1st that it was awarded a contract for CP 202, the 1,840-meter-long underground section of the second phase of the Jakarta MRT North-South Line in Indonesia.

The company formed a joint venture with Adhi Karya, a state-owned construction company to undertake the project. The contract includes construction of three underground stations and four shield tunnels with the total length of 1,184 meters between Harmoni and Mangga Besar stations. The construction period is expected to be 89 months from July.

Japan’s Shimizu wins contract for 1,840m section of second phase Jakarta MRT in Indonesia.

The MRT is the country's first urban rapid transit system that includes underground railways. The first phase of the 15.7-km long section connecting Central Jakarta and South Jakarta has opened in March 2019. The second phase, which is an extension of the line, will include the construction of a 6-kilometer subway line from the northern end of the existing line to the Kota district in northern Jakarta, as well as seven stations.

The station buildings included in the contract will be constructed by excavating directly under the main road, which has a very heavy traffic volume. Partial lining of the canal that runs through the center of the main road will be necessary. There are many buildings and underground pipes in close proximity to the station, making this a challenging construction project that requires a construction plan that takes into account the impact on the surrounding area. Shimizu Corporation has experience in the construction of three construction sections in the first phase of the project. The extended section is scheduled to open in 2029. (2022/09/02)

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