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Japan’s Kajima develops technology to realize workplace wellness

10:43 | 29/10/2019

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Kajima has developed a technology that realizes well-being in a space and enables higher health and intellectual productivity by incorporating natural elements such as light and sound scenery into the indoor space. The combination of “Biophilic Design” that emphasizes connection with nature, simulated ceilings that imitate the sky, and the reproduction of outdoor sound scenery creates an open space incorporating natural fluctuations. As the need for wellness space is increasing, the company aims to apply the technology to a wide range of new construction, renewal, and operation management.

“SOTO ROOM” enables active environment control to feel the connection with nature, which is the merit of outdoor space. The simulated sky ceiling “Sky Apia”, which recognizes only the color and brightness without feeling the presence of an object, makes the ceiling illusion of the sky so that a large sense of openness can be obtained. “Sound Air Conditioner”, a sound field control device that reproduces rooftop sounds in real time. While suppressing noise such as train passing sounds, it enhances the relaxation effect by emphasizing the pleasant outdoor sound scenery such as the cry of birds.

The interchange space in the Technical Research Center in Chofu City, Tokyo has been renovated to “Soto Room” and a demonstration experiment is underway. In the future, expansion of applicable factors such as wind environment will also be considered. It aims to be used in offices, homes, hospitals and schools. 

The Daily Engineering and Construction News of Japan 2019/10/18


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