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Japan’s Kajima begins testing of fully-automated tunnel excavation

18:44 | 26/10/2021

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Kajima Corporation has begun a full-scale experiment at a test tunnel to apply its next-generation construction production system which focuses on the automation of construction machinery.

The company aims to realize blasting excavation without excessive digging. The company will use its own data-based drilling planning method to carry out the entire process from drilling to blasting using an automated construction system. According to the company, this is the first attempt of its kind in the industry.

Japan’s Kajima begins testing of fully-automated tunnel excavation.

The technology is a part of the "A4CSEL for Tunnels,” the company’s automated construction system for mountain tunnels. The system consists of automated technologies for drilling, loading, blasting, shearing, biting, spraying, and rock bolting. The system has been developed sequentially using mock tunnels, and has already realized computerized jumbos for automatic drilling, full mechanization of rock bolting, automatic spraying including different parts, and automatic shearing.

The test will be conducted over a period of two years at the test tunnel in Gifu Prefecture. The tunnel excavation will be 321 meters long. The cross-sectional area of excavation will be 43.9 square meters for the approach section and 73.5 square meters for the automated construction test section. The developed technologies, including the automated technology, will be tested in the same environment as the actual construction site to confirm their effectiveness and practicality. (2021/10/08)

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