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Japan's first fully wooden fire-proof high rise constructed in Yokohama

16:34 | 03/06/2021

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Obayashi Corporation is constructing a next-generation training facility in Yokohama, which will be the first high-rise fully wooden fireproof building in Japan.

In order to ensure high rigidity and strength, the company has developed a rigid joint unit that does not use metal components. The construction of the wooden frame will be completed in June, and the building is scheduled for completion in March 2022. The building will have one basement floor and 11 stories above ground, with a total floor area of approximately 3,600 square meters. The basement will be the reinforced concrete structure and the above-ground floors will be made of wood. It will have training spaces, lodgings, kitchens, and other facilities on the same floor to create a variety of collaborations.  

Japan's first fully wooden fire-proof high rise constructed in Yokohama

About 2,000 cubic meters of timber will be used for the frame and interior materials. The rigid joint unit is a three-layered structure that combines the "GIR joint," which uses rods and adhesives to join the lumber, and a piercing structure. It ensures the rigidity, strength and toughness of the joints between columns and beams. The company's fire-resistant wooden technology called Omega Wood will be used for structural frames, and the three-hour fireproof specification will be adopted for the first floor pillars for the first time in the nation. The company has also developed a CLT  floor with improved sound insulation performance.

Construction began in March 2020. Currently, the wooden construction of the eighth floor has been completed. From now on, the interior fireproofing, exterior curtain wall, and other finishing work will be undertaken in full swing. An Obayashi employee in charge of the site said, "We had a hard time dealing with the water, but construction is going smoothly. We hope to finish the construction work safely while coordinating closely with the design team. A manager of the design team said, "This is a very beautiful site with no need for welding or concrete pouring. I'll be happy if more trade workers want to work on wooden construction sites," he said, hoping that the project will also be effective in securing skilled workers. (2021/05/24)

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