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Japanese railway company reveals updated Maglev Shinkansen train

09:20 | 24/10/2020

(Construction) - Central Japan Railway Company, or JR Central unveiled on October 19th the improved trains for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen.

Japanese railway company reveals updated Maglev Shinkansen train

It is the Japan’s first commercial magelv bullet trains, which have been on test runs since August in Yamanashi prefecture. As the shape of the leading car was optimized, the air resistance is about 13% less compared with previous L0 series and the power consumption and the noise can be reduced. The improved seat with the new shape of the backrest offers more comfortable ride. 

Director of the Yamanashi Linear Experiment Center Hiroshi Oshima said, "We have brushed up the (conventional) L0 series to build the new cars and have just started the running tests. I want to incorporate good things into commercial vehicles. I want to be thorough with completing the trains not leaving anything significant behind such as safety and comfort. "

Linear Chuo Shinkansen is under construction with an aim to complete the 286 kilometer initial line from Shinagawa, Tokyo to Nagoya in 2027. It will take as little as 40 minutes from Tokyo to Nagoya and 67 minutes from Tokyo to Osaka when the extension line is completed. (2020/10/20)

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