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Japanese paint maker launches anti-virus paint series

10:36 | 15/09/2020

(Construction) - As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, Japanese paint manufacturer Nippon Paint Holdings is beginning a full-scale product development specializing in antibacterial and antiviral products.

japanese paint maker launches anti virus paint series
Japanese paint maker launches anti-virus paint series

Taking advantages of its coating and surface treatment technologies, the company is launching a wide range of products including paints under a new brand. The new brand, "PROTECTON" uses the latest technologies to protect human health and provide a safe and comfortable space. As the first product of the series, "Protecton Interior Paint Premium", the water-based household paint with a photocatalytic antiviral function has been released. When used on ceilings and walls, it can inactivate the virus on the coating film surface in response to interior lights and suppresses the increase of bacteria. The suppression rate is expected to reach 99.9% or more.

The product also has an ultra-low odor and mold-proof function to keep the air clean. It is being tested whether it is effective for the novel corona virus. (2020/09/09)

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