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Japanese Ministry of Economy backs development of CO2-absorbing concrete

10:10 | 17/07/2021

(Construction) - The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan is encouraging the use of carbon dioxide absorbing concrete in order to realize a decarbonized society.

The ministry will support the development and demonstration of technologies that will reduce costs, increase carbon dioxide absorption, and improve corrosion resistance through the Green Innovation Fund. It aims to introduce the technologies into buildings and structures by 2050. CO2-absorbing concrete can be manufactured by using admixture made from slaked lime from chemical plants as a substitute material for cement. It absorbs CO2 at the manufacturing process and after casting. It also reduces the use of cement, which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide when the raw materials are burned. Some Japanese companies have already succeeded in commercializing the technology.

Illustration photo.

"Green Growth Strategy" developed by the ministry and the relevant government agencies stipulates that Japan will promote the use of CO2-absorbing concrete by expanding sales channels and reducing costs through public procurement. By increasing the demand, a competitive price range will be achieved. It also aims to lower costs and increase the capability of CO2 absorption. The current technology cannot be used for buildings and structures due to safety issues, as CO2 tends to rust the steel frame inside the concrete.

The ministry will utilize the Green Innovation Fund, which is worth 2 trillion yen to support technological development. With an eye on the growing demand for concrete in Asia, where economic growth is remarkable, the ministry plans to focus on international standardization of its technology and PR at large-scale international exhibitions. It will also strengthen its intellectual property strategy by acquiring patents. (2021/07/13)

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