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Japanese Infrastructure Ministry to step up digital transformation plan

21:13 | 11/09/2022

(Construction) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan is taking the Digital Transformation Action Plan for Infrastructure formulated in March to the next stage.

Japanese Infrastructure Ministry to step up digital transformation plan
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Focusing on "how to create", "how to use", and "how to use data" of infrastructure, the plan will strengthen the coordination of DX-related measures that have been developed individually. Cooperating with businesses in other industries, the ministry aims to create new added value. The action plan will be revised by the end of the fiscal year after the implementation details are fleshed out and a timetable is prepared.

The ministry held an online meeting of the DX promotion headquarters on August 24, and laid out the contents to be emphasized in the future as "Next Stage". Synergistic effects will be achieved by strengthening coordination among measures that each department is working on individually. For example, as DX for architecture and urbanism, BIM, 3D urban models, and real estate ID data will be linked to improve productivity in building production, urban development, and real estate-related operations. Combining the latest weather forecasting technology with flood control measures, the "hybrid dam" concept will be realized to enhance dam operations.

To incorporate new ideas through cross-industry collaboration, information on maintenance and management collected by infrastructure owners will be made available as open data to foster the environment encouraging the private sector in technology development. In order to strengthen information collaboration within the ministry, the National Land and Transportation Data Platform is aimed to be developed as soon as possible. (2022/08/26)

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