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Japanese Engineering Consulting firm ties with Vietnamese company in computer graphics production

09:22 | 24/10/2020

(Construction) - Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants is embarking on computer graphics production business jointly with Hanoi-based video production company VNi.

Example of Works by CG GAKA

In January, the companies launched the brand of CG works with low cost and high quality. The brand name is "CG GAKA". By combining the design capabilities of Eight-Japan and the know-how of VNi, high-quality CG can be completed in a short period of time. It will take about three weeks to complete a video of about 5 minutes.

The CG movies will be used as presentation materials for local residents and project owners. It is also possible to link with advanced technologies such as BIM and virtual reality. The movies can bring better understandings for large-scale development and new infrastructure development. It will be easier to imagine what the city will look like after the project is completed. (2020/10/22)

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