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Japanese Engineering Consulting Firm Chodai conducted first test of “Flying Car” over the sea

10:12 | 25/07/2022

(Construction) - Japanese engineering consulting firm Chodai conducted a test on July 6 of a flying car, an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

The aircraft will be exhibited at the EXPO 2025 Osaka Kansai. The two-seat unmanned aircraft successfully flew 450 meters along the coast, 30 meters above the ground. This was the first time in Japan that a flying car has flown over the sea.

Engineering Consulting Firm Chodai conducted first test of “Flying Car” over the sea.

President Yasuji Nagaya of Chodai’s holding company People, Dreams, and Technology Group said, "If flying cars become a reality, people in rural areas will be able to go to hospitals easily, and doctors will be able to make house calls in mountainous areas. The convenience and safety of daily life will be greatly improved.”

The aircraft was manufactured by EHang, a Chinese maker of aerial vehicles. The aircraft was remotely controlled by a computer, and took off, landed, and flew unmanned. It was confirmed that the aircraft could fly stably without any problems over the sea.

President Masahiro Nomoto of Chodai said, "In addition to improved convenience of daily life, flying cars can also be effective for rescue operations during disasters and for transporting water and other supplies. This experiment has enabled us to take a step forward to realizing these goals.”

The company has a track record of planning and designing land transportation systems such as roadside stations and express bus terminals, as well as operating these facilities under the PPP scheme. In addition to these accomplishments, the firm aims to enter the urban development market, including the development of takeoff and landing stations for flying vehicles, by leveraging its expertise gained through the design of a hospital with a heliport. (2022/07/07)

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