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Japanese developer Nomura Real Estate to build steel, wood hybrid building

18:42 | 25/12/2021

(Construction) - Japanese developer Nomura Real Estate Development has announced a plan to construct a hybrid steel and wooden office building in Akasaka, Tokyo, tentatively called Tameike Project.

The building will be constructed with timber and steel frames, which will be covered with a fireproof coating to create a comfortable office space without columns. The project has been selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as one of the Sustainable Building Leading Projects. Designed and constructed by Shimizu Corporation, the project is scheduled for completion in October 2023.

Japanese developer Nomura Real Estate to build steel, wood hybrid building.

The building is located a 3-minute walk from Tameike-sanno Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. It will have a total floor area of 5,500 square meters, with a basement floor and nine stories above ground.

Approximately 500 cubic meters of lumber will be used for construction. Shimizu Corporation's proprietary "Shimizu High Wood" technology, which combines wood, steel and concrete. The technology enables earthquake-proof and fire-resistant, and a comfortable woody space without columns at the same time. (2021/12/23)


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