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Japanese construction company Hazama Ando develops automated concrete sasting management system

21:56 | 15/07/2022

(Construction) - Japanese construction company Hazama Ando announced on June 30 that it has developed a system that can automatically manage quantity and time of concrete placement using artificial intelligence.

Japanese construction company Hazama Ando develops automated concrete sasting management system.

The company aims to achieve both labor savings and quality control in concrete placement with information technology tools. The system features an image/character recognition to electronically convert the contents of delivery slips and the start and end times of placing ready-mixed concrete trucks into data without human intervention, and sends the data to the cloud for integrated processing. It also helps to properly grasp the quantity of concrete placed and reduce the number of returned concrete.

The system uses the AI technology owned by Yokohama-based tech firm Avinton Japan. The system acquires information from three locations: cameras at the entrance, the concrete placement locations, and the computer tablet at the locations where delivery slips are collected. Information such as the arrival time and loading quantity of each ready-mixed concrete truck, are collected from the images and integrated on the cloud. The number of trucks and the pace of each truck's delivery can be managed and monitored at the same time.

The system has been applied to the casting of large caissons, where four pump trucks are used at one time, eliminating the need for a full-time manager assigned to each truck and reducing the amount of returned concrete by approximately 60%. (2022/07/01)

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