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Japanese company Sanwa shutter releases new flood proof door

10:16 | 23/05/2020

(Construction) - Japanese building material maker Sanwa Shutter Corporation has released "Water Guard S Tight Door", the new waterproof door. The product can prevent a flood as high as two meters, which was increased from one meter of the existing product. It covers a wide area facing a risk of typhoons and heavy rain.

japanese company sanwa shutter releases new flood proof door
Sanwa shutter releases new flood proof door

Water Guard which was originally released in 2015 has a simple operation and waterproof / fireproof performance while keeping the price reasonable. It can be installed at the doorway on the first floor instead of a general steel door. It prevents the inflow of water without any special operation even in a sudden heavy rain.

There is expected to be a great demand for flood doors for buildings, condominiums, and commercial facilities as damages by floods frequently occur due to the high frequency of large typhoons. The door has a waterproof effect for 24 hours after the water reaching the height of 2 meters. (2020/05/15)

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