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Japanese company adopts low-carbon concrete in office building in Tokyo

16:49 | 05/12/2020

(Construction) - Tokyu Construction announced on November 13th that it has used new low-carbon concrete which was jointly developed by the company and twelve other construction businesses for the first time at the construction work in Tokyo.

 The new concrete produced with blast furnace slag powder can reduce carbon dioxide emission during the production. It can have enough durability by optimizing the mixing ratio of slag according to the part of the building to be used, and both the quality and the environmental consideration have been achieved.

Japanese company adopts newly-developed low-carbon concrete in Tokyo

The low-carbon concrete was developed by a study group established by thirteen construction contractors. Blast furnace slag can substitute up to 70% of cement used in the concrete, which reduces CO2 emission by 9 to 63% compared to conventional products. Construction work of the office building, the first application of the concrete is  underway in Ginza, Tokyo. The building will have one basement floor and 13 floors above ground, with total floor area of 5,510 square meters. Construction will begin in February 2021 with completion slated by the end of December 2022. It is expected that embedded carbon, which indicates how much CO2 the building has stored by the placed concrete, can be reduced by 40% or more. (2020/11/16)

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