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Japan Society of Civil Engineers reveals report of infrastructure strength assessment

18:27 | 28/09/2021

(Construction) - Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) has published the first report of its "Infrastructure Strength Assessment," which evaluates the adequacy of infrastructure through international comparisons.

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The report revealed that compared to other countries, the level of maintenance of arterial high-standard highways is low and the amount of investment in flood control is stagnant. Professor Hitoshi Ieda of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, the chair of the subcommittee which is in charge of developing the report, held a press conference in Tokyo on September 22. He said, "Looking at the data, there is a lot of room for improvement in Japan's infrastructure. This has given us a signal to shake off the idea that infrastructure is almost complete.”

In the first phase, the working group analyzed the development trends of arterial high-standard highways, flood control, and container ports. The following were mentioned as issues that make Japanese high-standard highways inferior to those in other countries:  the discontinuity in the network, and a small number of lanes. Professor Ieda pointed out that systematic repairs and large-scale renewals are necessary, and that securing financial resources is essential for the sustainable highway system.

Regarding investment in flood control measures, Japan has been on a downward trend over the past 20 years, while other countries have been maintaining or increasing their investment. The report stressed that investment in flood control has been increasing rapidly in Asian countries, which, like Japan, suffer tremendous damage from floods, and that Japan needs to increase investment and improve the level of maintenance.

Ports must be able to handle the increasing size of container ships. The report indicated that Japan is lagging in the development of deep-water ports that can accommodate large ships, and called for the development of ports that are competitive in the global market. (2021/09/24)

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