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Japan forms 5-year Transport Policy Plan

10:58 | 08/04/2021

(Construction) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan has compiled a draft of the Second Basic Plan for Transport Policy for the five-year period starting in 2021.

Considering the challenges facing the transportation sector, the plan stipulates  policies and 120 key performance indicators. The ministry sets targets such as increasing the completion ratio of ring roads in the three major metropolitan areas from 83% in fiscal 2020 to 89% in fiscal 2025, and increasing the number of smart cities to 100 in fiscal 2025. With the aim of making deficit-ridden airports self-sustaining, the plan calls for the introduction of concessions for all airports in principle, including those managed by local governments.

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The Subcommittee for the Basic Plan for Transportation Policy held an online meeting on March 29th and present the draft plan, which will be discussed and finalized by the Cabinet in May.

According to the draft, the government will reorganize the regional transportation network in conjunction with urban development in order to maintain the local transportation. Aiming to create a highly functional and productive transportation network, the government will steadily proceed with the development of the Shinkansen bullet train (Hokkaido, Hokuriku, and Kyushu lines). In the field of roads, it is aimed that the percentage of high standard roads (toll roads) with four lanes will be raised from 13% in 2019 to 47% in 2025. It will also focus on the nationwide development of the multi-modal public transportation terminal.

In the area of sustainable and green transportation, the government will roll out disaster prevention and mitigation measures and preventive maintenance. The number of ports aiming at "the carbon-neutral port" will be increased to 20 in fiscal 2025. (2021/03/30)

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