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Hoa Lac: science and technology urban are in future

11:09 | 02/06/2020

(Construction) - On May 28, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 705/QD-TTg approving the general planning of Hoa Lac urban area, Hanoi city, until 2030, at 1 / 10,000 scale.

Hoa Lac seen from above (Image: Internet).

In the future, Hoa Lac will be oriented to be a science and technology urban center, where advanced intelligence and technology are concentrated, a center for training high-quality human resources; research centers of high technology in the country; centers of national universities and vocational colleges; medical examination and treatment.

Hoa Lac will also be an eco-resort urban, the science-technology city in the direction of developing green urban areas, smart cities, energy-saving cities in the center of Western Hanoi. By 2025, the population of Hoa Lac urban area will be 150,000. By 2030 and the following years, the urban population of Hoa Lac (maximum) will be about 600,000 people, the urban population rate will be about 85%.

By Khanh Phuong


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