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Hanoi: Not allow to 'super thin, super distortion' houses on the belt routes

11:05 | 24/10/2019

(Construction) - Department of Construction of Hanoi City has just issued Document No. 9661 / SXD-TTr to the People's Committee of districts and towns to handle cases of housing that are not eligible for construction ground with super thin, super distorted units.

"Super thin, super distorted" houses" not allowed in future (illustration photo).

Specifically, to seriously implement the conclusions of the Standing Committee of the City Council and the City People's Committee's guidance on management and handling of housing cases that are not sufficient in terms of construction when implementing arising on the Ring Road 1, Ring 2, Ring 3 and newly opened routes.

At the same time, relevant government units and departments should work closely with the investors to carry out the site clearance in the demolition of the entire compensated architectural work, including the rest of the works outside the boundaries so as not to be born to "super thin, super distorted" houses. It should be responsible to the President of the City People's Committee for the existence or arising of cases of "ultra thin, super distorted" works on roads under its management.

By Khanh Phuong


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