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Disinfectant spraying robot tested at Tokyo Metro Station

14:41 | 01/07/2020

(Construction) - Tokyo Metro conducted an experiment on June 12 of a robot which can disinfect and work as a security guard at Tsukishima station on Yurakucho Line.

Disinfectant spraying robot tested at Tokyo Metro Station

The railway company confirmed that the robot, PATORO developed by Tokyo-based robotics company ZMP was able to spray disinfectant autonomously at the target area. The company will study the results of the experiment and adjust the spray height.

The robot move by autonomous driving technology of ZMP as slowly as people walk. It  drove safely on the designated route while avoiding obstacles and pausing. Based on the sensor information acquired by the robot, the disinfectant was sprayed from the electric sprayer to the handrail in the restroom and the counter near the ticket vending machine. It was found that the sprayer was fixed and a function to automatically adjust to the height of the target object was necessary. While identifying the challenges, the company will consider disinfection of ticket vending machines and elevators.

Tokyo Metro has station staff cleaning and disinfecting the station to prevent COVID-19 infection. It was considering using robots to improve work efficiency. (2020/06/19)

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