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Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh receives Kusto Group

10:35 | 10/08/2022

(Construction) - On August 8, in Hanoi, Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh had a meeting and worked with the delegation of Kusto Group.

At the meeting, Mr. Yerkin Tatishev - Chairman of Kusto Group and the Delegation expressed their wish that in the coming time the Group will continue to be developed in Vietnam, contribute to housing for the community, especially for the low-income people. Kusto Group was very interested in social housing development, that was the standard housing, with sustainable community facilities, ensuring people's lives.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh receives Kusto Group.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh noted that the issue of social housing was a hot issue, the demand for social housing was very large. This issue received special attention from the Government and the Prime Minister. Vietnam had set a target from now until 2030 to implement at least 1 million social housing for low-income people, identifying as an important task to be done in the new period.

Regarding social housing development policies, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh emphasized that many preferential policies for investors. The continuous support policies of the Government and local authorities would create favorable conditions for investors, including investors with foreign elements, to invest in social housing projects.

The two parties discussed and exchanged about foreign investment environment in Vietnam in the field of construction and building materials; potential for foreign investors to participate in large-scale projects through bidding, especially in urban areas of grades I and II; opportunity to apply new advanced technologies to serve construction works in Vietnam.

In the coming time, the Ministry of Construction will continue to accompany and support Kusto Group in investing new constructions of social housing projects, and assisting in quality appraisal as well as processes for new technologies has been applied effectively in Vietnam.

By Khanh Phuong


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