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Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung attends meeting to review Southern Task Force in 2019

22:38 | 05/01/2020

(Construction) - In the afternoon of January 3, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Southern Task Force held a meeting to summarize the works in 2019 and directions and tasks for 2020.

Overview of the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung highly appreciated the efforts and remarkable achievements of all officials, public servants, officials and employees of the Southern Task Force.

Deputy Minister expressed his desires that, in 2020, the activities of the Southern Task Force, besides promoting the achieved results in the recent period, it should select and focus on priority orientations, clear and responsive roadmap. It is required of the new situation, with a focus on regional integration in the sector's activities; Continuing to organize examinations and issuance of construction practice certificates of grade I; Issuing certificate of construction activity capability class I; Appraisal of basic design, technical design, construction drawing design according to decentralization and the provisions of law for grade I; Appraisal of construction investment projects and basic designs of projects of group B or below; Evaluation of the design of construction drawings and construction cost estimates for works of Group B or lower using the state budget and non-budget state capital in the southern provinces under the jurisdiction of professional agencies. on construction under the Ministry of Construction.

By Khanh Phuong


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