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Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh chaired Steering Committee of SMTC project

07:36 | 15/03/2020

(Construction) - On March 12, Deputy Minister of Construction Bui Pham Khanh and Deputy Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam Shu Kitamura chaired the first General Steering Committee meeting of “Capacity enhancement in developing state management tools for construction investment project” (SMTC Project).

After listening to the outline of the SMTC project, Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh confirmed that the Ministry of Construction basically agreed with the outputs proposed by JICA, but suggested that the two sides should study more closely about output 5, paying attention to the database system.

Overview of the meeting

Based on the first joint Steering Committee meeting, the Deputy Minister suggested the Department of Construction Economic to coordinate with the expert team and JICA to have the official documents of the project this week, specifying the estimate of the two side. The Deputy Minister also asked the Department of Construction Economic to quickly build a list of Management Board personnel, working groups, fieldwork plans and related matters.

The Deputy Minister also suggested to adjust the training schedule in Japan to avoid coinciding with the schedule for the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020.

JICA experts are ready to provide information and answer Vietnamese questions but if this information is not sufficient for database creation and further proposals, it will exceed the workload of the expert team in Vietnam. Therefore,  the two sides will have to discuss for more details.

By Khanh Phuong


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