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Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh received the World Bank Delegation

11:17 | 17/08/2022

(Construction) - On August 15, Deputy Minister of Construction Bui Hong Minh welcomed and worked with the World Bank (WB) Delegation led by Mr. Danny Leipziger - Former Vice President of WB in charge of Economy Management and and Poverty Reduction, Executive Director of Growth Dialogue as Head of Mission.

A view of the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Danny Leipziger said that the WB was very interested in the National Master Plan of Vietnam. In the process of supporting the Ministry of Planning and Investment to develop and finalize the National Master Plan, the World Bank has considered the relationship between the National Master Plan and sectoral planning. Since then, the WB expressed its desire to learn more clearly the views of the Ministry of Construction on the planning development plan as well as effective financial mobilization.

At the same time, the WB wished to understand the coordination among the WB, the Ministry of Planning and Investment as well as the Ministry of Construction in the development of the important master plan. The WB would like to understand more about urban system development and integrated solid waste management in Vietnam.

At the meeting, leading experts from the World Bank and leaders of Departments and Institutes of the Ministry together discussed more about national urban and rural planning, the connectivity of urban areas, infrastructure, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment, traffic in big cities, central urban development and so one.

On behalf of leaders of the Ministry of Construction, Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh expressed his wish that the WB would closely coordinate with the Ministry of Construction in formulating specific plans, orienting more new methods in urban development as well as in urban finance, capital for implementation.

In the coming time, the National Master Plan should have a clearer and more specific orientation, associated with the quantification of urban development, on the basis of scientific analysis, assessment of orientation and practice.

The WB should participate in consulting and clarifying these contents in the National Master Plan, reasonable financial balance should be done to design specific programs. The Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the World Bank should closely coordinate and take together highly effective plans into practice.

By Khanh Phuong


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