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Daiwa House industry develops light-weighted powered suit for heavy labor

15:32 | 18/10/2020

(Construction) - Daiwa House Industry has developed the wearable assistive device that can reduce the physical burden on workers in factories.

daiwa house industry develops light weighted powered suit for heavy labor

Daiwa House industry develops light-weighted powered suit for heavy labor.

The partial robotic exoskeleton supports long-term half-sitting posture and standing work. The company hopes that the device improves the working environment, responds to the aging labor population, and secures new employees.

The powered suit "Archelis FX" was developed in collaboration with Yokohama-based wearable device developer Archelis, and Osaka-based chemical fiber maker Suncorona Oda. Thirty seven units in total will be in operation at nine plants nationwide of Daiwa House Industry on October 13th.

The powered suit will be used for steel frame welding and assembly works, which is difficult to robotize in the manufacturing process. When the worker is in the half-sitting position, the device immobilize the knees so that he can feel like sitting on a chair. With the lightweight and highly-strengthened carbon fiber used, the weight per leg is about 2 kilograms, which is about 40% lighter than the powered suit being currently used by Daiwa House Industry. The companies will begin sales of the product in January 2021. The price per unit is 498,000 yen. They aim to s 1,000 units in the next three years. (2020/10/14)

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