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Construction-related UAVs exhibited at Drone Expo in Chiba

11:17 | 01/07/2022

(Construction) - The use of drones is expanding in the construction industry. An exhibition of commercial UAVs, Japan Drone opened at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City on June 21.

Drone manufacturers exhibited their products and conducted flight demonstrations. The companies are promoting the use of drones for surveying and facility management, contributing to work safety and efficiency.

Construction-related UAVs exhibited at Drone Expo in Chiba.

Tokyo-based drone maker Blue Innovation will exhibit its latest product scheduled for release this summer. ELIOS3, the indoor drone converts video images into 3D data in real time, and will be used for inspections of plants and factories to help ensure sustainable operations. During the demonstration flight, visitors were entertained by the images captured by the onboard camera. The development of drone ports for "flying cars" also attracted attention. In addition to Blue Innovation, joint research with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the University of Tokyo, IHI, and others was introduced.

Construction-related companies exhibited their service as well. Chodai showed a panel display of its "flying car" business, introducing examples of how the company's technology is being used. Seibu Construction exhibited an actual drone used for deterioration diagnosis and investigation of concrete buildings. Tokyo-based Miratech Drone also showed its infrastructure inspection drone to visitors in the Seibu Construction booth. (2022/06/22)

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