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Construction Industry reviews tasks in 2021 and plans for tasks in 2022

22:59 | 18/12/2021

(Construction) - On December 18, in Hanoi, the construction industry held a conference to review the implementation of tasks in 2021 and set plans for tasks in 2022.

Construction Industry reviews tasks in 2021 and plans for tasks in 2022
Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh presented at the conference.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh attended and delivered a speech to direct the conference. Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung, Deputy Minister Bui Hong Minh chaired the event. The conference was held in direct at the headquarter of the Ministry of Construction, combined online with 114 bridge points of units and businesses in the construction industry.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh emphasized that in 2021, with the efforts of the whole political system, the Government's direction, and the participation of the people. and businesses, the country has gradually overcome difficulties and challenges and achieved many important results. In that common results, there was important contributions of the construction industry.

Construction Industry reviews tasks in 2021 and plans for tasks in 2022
Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi presented at the event.

The Deputy Prime Minister believed that: With the glorious tradition of 63 years of Vietnam's construction industry, the collective leadership, civil servants and employees will continue to promote the achieved results; efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges; strive to successfully complete assigned tasks, make more contributions to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.

On behalf of all employees and leadership of the whole construction industry, Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi expressed his thanks of encouragement and attention of Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh. The Minister committed: The construction industry will try our best to implement the important instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister. In 2022, the construction industry will continue to have advantages, but also many difficulties and challenges, however with the close direction of the leadership of the Ministry and the great efforts and determination of the whole employees, workers, the construction industry will well complete the assigned tasks.

By Khanh Phuong


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