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Construction Industry Plays Important Role in Bird Flu Quarantine

11:07 | 07/02/2023

(Construction) - As the number of highly pathogenic avian flu outbreaks reaches a record level across Japan, the local construction industry is doing its utmost to respond to the quarantine efforts.

Some are concerned about the growing pressure on the future response, as existing construction work may stagnate. the construction industry plays an important role as community defenders in quarantine measures as well as responses to earthquakes and floods. Local governments that have signed quarantine agreements with local construction industry groups and other organizations are likely to be called upon to take action and provide generous support to sustain the workforce in the long term.

Construction Industry Plays Important Role in Bird Flu Quarantine
Construction Industry Plays Important Role in Bird Flu Quarantine

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as of noon on January 19, some 11.53 million birds in 25 prefectures were subject to culling. This is already far more than the 1.89 million culled last season, and Minister Tetsuro Nomura has called for "maximum emergency precautions”.

The outbreak has spread throughout the country. In Kagoshima Prefecture, the construction industry has invested in human resources and construction equipment and prioritized work, according to the prefectural government. They participated in the culling of about 1.34 million birds, the largest number ever in the prefecture as of last year.

In one town in Ibaraki Prefecture, where about 930,000 birds had been culled by January 19, about 30 construction-related organizations cooperated in the quarantine effort. Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa described the response as "unprecedented in Japan." The governors of Aomori, Kagoshima, Ibaraki, and many other prefectures have expressed their gratitude to the industry.

While the local construction industry is making every effort to tackle the situation, there is concerns about the impact on the core business as we approach the end of the fiscal year. If the number of bird flu outbreaks continues to increases, the industry is expressing concerns such as, "We will probably ask (clients) to extend the construction period," and "We will have to consider how to respond if the outbreak coincides with the peak season at the end of the fiscal year.” (2023/01/23)

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