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Binh Duong, Long An requests urgent guidance for field hospital construction

10:29 | 30/08/2021

(Construction) – During a business trip to check the situation of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control on August 28-29, the Working Group of the Ministry of Construction inspected the construction of field hospitals and concentrated isolation areas, as well as clean water, waste collection aspects in Binh Duong and Long An provinces.

A view of field trip in Binh Duong.

After the field trip, the Group noted that Binh Duong had actively prepared scenarios to cope with worse situations. The Group also had a general assessment of related issues such as water supply and drainage, waste collection, field hospital construction, concentrated isolation areas in Binh Duong. Generally, these works of Binh Duong had met the present needs of the people. 

For Long An, the Group noticed that the province was proactive and applied countermeasures in works related to technical infrastructure facilities, field hospital construction. The Group noted that the province should review the situation and assess the needs of field hospitals and concentrated isolation areas. It is necessary to actively develop scenarios and plans in the worst situation to take timely measures. For the proposal of Long An province in supporting the medical waste incinerator, the Director of the Agency for Southern Affairs (Ministry of Construction), Mr. Hoang Hai had agreed to support the locality in handling the medical waste problem.

By Khanh Phuong


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