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Ba Dinh area: 8 underground parking lots to be built

08:47 | 27/05/2020

(Construction) - Hanoi Department of Transport has just consulted with the Department of Planning and Architecture about the construction of an underground parking in Ba Dinh political center (Hanoi).

Accordingly, Ba Dinh political center will plan to build 8 parking lots to meet the needs of the people.

Underground parking project expected to meet the needs of Hanoi residents (Source: Internet)

Due to the limited land stock, the city should utilize the most of existing parking lots and build underground car parks arranged under green parks and squares. However, the determination of the size of the area and capacity for 2 underground parking lots should have the opinions of the Management Board of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum based on the actual demand (number of parking spaces) to calculate the scale and area.

The plan of parking lot layout must ensure the following principles including national security and defense; without changing the basic function of the land. At the Northeastern part of Bach Thao Park, it is necessary to research and reserve a part of the area for large passenger cars to meet the needs of sightseeing services.

By Khanh Phuong


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