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Architectural space creates creative inspiration for construction vocational student

09:48 | 02/11/2020

(Construction) - On October 31st, the College of Mechanical Construction (CMC) organized the inauguration of the 3-storey building. Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan attended the event.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Dinh Toan emphasized that, the CMC should implement urgently the project clearance after completing the legal provisions on capital construction investment. In addition, the CMC should effectively exploit the items that have been invested and maintained.

The building is an architectural space creates creative inspiration for construction vocational students.

Photo of participants in front of building

The CMC is under the Construction and Infrastructure Development Corporation - Ministry of Construction, has the task of training at 3 levels: College, Intermediate and Elementary with the main training occupations such as the construction machines operation, mechanical jobs providing manpower for the construction industry and for the society.

By Khanh Phuong


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