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Architectural contest announcement for the complex of office and commercial service project

15:20 | 16/09/2022

(Construction) - TAH Investment Joint Stock Company organizes a contest to select architectural design proposals to choose the optimal design plan that meets the requirements of planning, architecture, usability, and economic efficiency for investment for the project as below:

1. Project information:

- Project Location: New urban area in Bac Tu Liem district - Hanoi

- Land area: 11,318 m2

- Construction area: 9,440m2

- Site Coverage: 40%

- Plot- ratio: 5.0 time

- Total construction area (excluding parking, MEP and technical riser, fire fighting protection) : 56,590 m2

- Number floors (exluding basement): 3-23

- Function: Office combined with commercial and service centers.

2. Organization unit, form and time of recruitment contest:


Address: 1st Floor, Building NO2-T1 Diplomatic Corps Area, Xuan Tao Street, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

2.2. Contest form:

- A limited contest will be held following to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Construction. The participants are International and local consultants and organizations.

- The participants should meet the following conditions: are professional consultants, have sufficient operational capacity, have practical experience, and international reputation; The project leader must be an architect who has participated in the design of projects of equivalent size and nature. The Organizer will interview in advance and only issue the contested document to qualified participants.

2.3. Execution plan:

- Posting notice of the contest (2 days)

- Issuance of contest documents (2 days).

- Design Implementation (30 days).

- Assessment: whenever receiving 3 design proposals that are in accordance with the design brief (1 day).

- Announcement of the contest results: depend on suitable results.

Note: The above timeline is tentative. The organizer will contact the participants for detail.

2.4. Prizes and benefits of the contestant:

- Prize value: No.

- Benefits: The consulting unit with the highest ranking plan will be given priority to negotiating consultant agreement for the Project.

- The contestant participating shall pay their own expenses for implementing the proposal.



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