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AMC Academy meeting on occasion of Vietnam Teachers' Day

09:40 | 20/11/2020

(Construction) - on November 18, the Academy of Managers for construction and cities (AMC) held a meeting to tribute generations of officials and teachers on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi, on behalf of the Party Committee, leaders of the Ministry of Construction, expressed his warm greetings and deep gratitude to the teachers of the AMC.

Participants took souvenir photos.

In order to improve the quality of training and fostering human resources in the construction industry, the Deputy Minister requested the AMC to actively innovate and make more efforts to successfully complete the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Construction. In the coming time, the AMC should to promote the achieved results, continue to strive, create and contribute more to the construction.

By Khanh Phuong


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