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Construction Creation of Da Vinci Bridge 2019

14:06 | 11/09/2019

(Construction) - On September 9 at the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), a seminar on design of the Da Vinci Bridge was held for students of two universities: NUCE and Nihon University of Japan.

The Da Vinci Bridge Construction Contest was an opportunity for Vietnamese and Japanese construction industry students together to exchange experiences, improve professional knowledge and approach new and modern knowledge.

The bridge takes its designer name as Leonardo da Vinci which was built in a short time can be removed and reinstalled quickly. The wooden trunks are interwoven and joined together without using any supporting tools such as ropes or screws. In such way, a reduced pressure is applied, and the wooden bracing is connected in a timely manner for safety.

The participants are students from two universities: NUCE and Nihon University, which are divided into 4 teams. It is designed according to regulations and judges were made the design according to the criteria: Originality, creativity and uniqueness of the structure.

Here are some photos of teams participanted in the event:

By Khanh Phuong (photo: Huyen Trang)


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